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Law Office of Robert M. Turkewitz a sponsor of the 4th Annual Charleston Film Festival at the Terrace Theater

The Law Office of Robert M. Turkewitz is a proud sponsor of the 4th Annual Charleston Film Festival. This  intensive four day film festival, which runs from Thursday, March 7 through Sunday, March 10, 2013, has an exciting and interesting blend of full length movies, documentaries and short films.   Rob Turkewitz is excited to be a part of the film festival's effort to bring independent movies and documentarries to Charleston, including films of national and local interest. 

As a conservationaist and  environmental lawyer, Rob is especially pleased to have at the festival the documentary, Chasing Ice, which documents and shows how the glaciers and polar ice caps are melting and causing the sea level to rise.  While a minority of skeptics may try to minimize the problem of climate change, seeing is believing.   This documentary provides compelling proof that the ice caps are quickly melting.  This is an issue that will no doubt have a profound impact on Charleston and the Lowcountry in the future.  If you love Charleston, want your children and grandchildren to continue to enjoy its beauty and grandeur, and believe as I do that the almighty placed us here as stewards of this planet, this is a film you will not want to miss and should take very seriously.